Do I need a reservation or tickets in order to attend an Acker auction? 
Acker Merrall & Condit & Acker Asia auctions are open to the public and there is no charge to attend. While we do not administer tickets for attendance, advance registration is always preferred, and in some cases required to guarantee a seat at our sales.
Acker Merrall hosts the best wine gatherings in the business, and there is often a lunch or dinner component to our afternoon or evening sales. If a lunch or dinner charge applies to the auction for which you’ve registered, you will be advised in advance by our staff and asked to provide a credit card of your choosing to secure the place. Rebates do apply for lots purchased, so ask our Bidding Department when you register!
For more information on auction attendance, please contact us at
Can I still bid on wine even if I’m not physically present at the sale? 
Naturally! There are many ways in which to bid in an Acker auction. We suggest you utilize one of the following methods:
•  Absentee Bid Submission:
◦  Bids can be accepted electronically through our online bidding platform, AckerLive. Register for a username and password, and you are on your way! Once logged in and approved to bid, you may download our auction catalog, search for lots in which you’re interested, save searches on favorite lots you want to see, and more.
  To bid, under the “BUY” tab in the home menu, select “UPCOMING AUCTIONS”. You will be led to the Upcoming Auctions page that displays all open sales for which bids are being accepted. Use the left and right arrows to select the auction in which you would like to participate.
  Select the “Search and Bid Now” button, and you will be led to the active sale page where the catalog can be downloaded, lots searched and bids submitted. Remember, you must be logged in to search the sale and submit absentee bids. If you require a username & password, click “Sign Up” and enter your information. Your request to bid will be processed shortly.
  Once logged in, you may search for producers, vintages or keywords that interest you by using the search bar on the top right hand of the screen, and by clicking the magnifying glass. Filters may be set by using the dropdown menu labeled “Filter” to hone down your search.
  Absentee bids can be placed in two ways:
  1)  Locate the lot on which you would like to bid and click the ‘Add +’ icon beneath the bottle description. There, you may enter the bid of your choosing and hit ‘Submit’. A list of the bids that you’ve submitted will appear in the second tab labeled “Absentee Bids” above the search bar.
  2)  To bid on many lots quickly, once logged in and approved for bidding, click the “Absentee Bids” tab above the search bar. Here, you may enter the lot number of your choosing, and the bid you would like to submit in the “Bid” box provided. Click “Add Bid” and your bid is submitted. You may continue in this fashion until all bids are submitted.
  a. To adjust or correct a bid submitted in error, contact our Bidder Department at or call our US or Asia office depending on sale location.
  i. US – Call +1 845-268-6370 and ask for the Bidder Department, M-F 9:00am-4:30pm EST
  ii. Asia – Call +852-2525-0538, M-F 9:00am-6:00pm HKT
  Remember that all bids received absentee are entered in priority order, so bid early for the best chances of beating a matching bid by another interested bidder.
◦  By email
  1) In the UPCOMING AUCTIONS page, once you are logged in, click the “Email Bids” button to the right of your screen.
  A pop-up screen will populate with instructions on bid submission. You may:
  i. Download the “Absentee Bid Form”, print it, and write your lots and bid amounts on it. When complete, scan and email them to or fax to our Bidder Department at +1 845-268-6379
  ii. Submit an attachment of your bids already composed by clicking the “+ Attach File” button with a message below it indicating your name, phone number and full contact information.
  iii. Enter in the “Message Field” your full contact information, with a list of the bids you would like to submit in table form.
  Hit “Send” to submit your bids. A confirmation will be provided to you by the Bidder Department.
  2) You may submit a list of your bids in Word, Excel, free typed text, etc. and email them to A confirmation email will be sent to you upon receipt.
  Please be sure to include:
•  First & Last Name
•  Contact Phone #
•  Location
•  Lot Number
•  Bid Amount (using proper bid increments)
•  Any special instructions
•  AckerLive in Real Time:
Our AckerLive feature allows bidders to actively participate in our live auctions from the comfort of their own homes while a sale is in progress. Under the “BUY” tab at the top of the screen, select “Upcoming Auctions” and log in. If you do not yet have a login and username, click “Sign Up” and register.
Once logged in and approved for bidding, you can join a live webcast of the sale. Prompts will be presented on screen, with the current lot displaying on the left side of your screen. Use the “Bid” button to submit the next requested by the auctioneer. You will experience the sale virtually, as if you were physically present in the auction room.
Should you be unable to participate live for the whole sale, you may submit Absentee Bids at any time by following the “Absentee Bid Submission” section, above.
•  Phone Bidding: If you can’t be in front of your computer, tell us which lots you’d like to bid on ahead of time, and we’ll call you to bid live over the phone with an auction specialist.
◦ Provide the lot numbers on which you’d like to bid, plus the best number at which we can reach you. In the event we cannot reach you, or if the connection is poor, we will ask for emergency bids and will execute them by hand if you cannot be reached.
•   Please do not send bids by regular mail
Bids will be accepted provided a valid credit card is presented to secure them. If you are a new bidder, you will be asked for identification as well as a credit card.
Be sure to read the Buyer’s Conditions of Sale (link) prior to placing your bids.
How can I find out what I’ve won? 
Our auction results typically appear online in our Auction Results feature the day or two following an auction. Invoices are released within 12 hours of the sale’s close, which provides our specialists with time to ensure that all bids were received and executed.
You may call our staff or email for information on the lots on which you were successful.
What happens when I want to ship my wine? 
Once your invoice is paid and clears our accounting system, we will make arrangements for your wine to be shipped. We will arrange secure transport for all purchases within your specifications at the most competitive cost available to us.
Shipping inquiries can be sent at any time to, or by replying to the email invoice transmission you received post auction.
For additional questions on the bidding process, you may email at any time. You may also call any of our Auction offices based on your location during business hours convenient to you.
US Inquiries:
Phone: +1 845-268-6370
Fax: +1 845-268-6379
M-F 9am-5pm EST
Asia Inquiries:
Phone: +852-2525-0538
Fax: +852-2525-0598
M-F 9am-6pm EST